Welcome to my lifestyle blog. I hope you’ll enjoy my favorite finds, creativity, memories, and more. Stay awhile.

Officially Bloggin'

Officially Bloggin'

Photo: Molly Beau Photo | Watch: Arvo

Just another basic Utah guy startin’ a blog.

If ya like good deals, good eats, beauty products, giveaways, funny shit, transparency, traveling, date ideas, shopping, interior design, projects etc… then feel free to visit often.

On a more serious note? Social media has power - good & bad.

From networking, to small business growth, to creating a brand, to creating new friendships - it can be the best.

But, it doesn’t always serve as a platform for positive connection and creativity… it can also magnify the negative side of life… comparison (the ultimate thief of joy)

This blog isn’t meant to be perfect, it’ll probably be a catch-all, lacking a main focus. I don’t always say the right thing, but you can count on me to say the real thing.

I want this to be a space where I’m me and you’re you. We can share allll of our fav things and creativity and ideas and forget about a perfect highlight reel.


Molly Beau