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Let's Talk About Lips, Baby


If you're like me you probably wish your lipstick was permanent - I can have on a full face of make up, lashes and all, but I don't feel complete without my lippy!

Let's talk LipSense. When I heard it could last for up to 18 hours I knew I had to try it myself! I was AMAZED. I work 12 hour shifts at the Hospital, and it made it through breakfast, lunch, dinner - lots of coffee - and it even lasted through my shower once I got home! I wiped my face on my towel and nothing rubbed off so I thought "oh it must have finally washed off!" NOPE, I got out and looked in the mirror and it was still perfect! 

Sometimes I think my lips will be pink longer than my hair will!

How It Works:

You apply the lip color in layers, and it has to dry for 5 seconds between each one! (Don't apply it by swiping back and forth, it'll rub off like a dry erase marker does. I made that mistake the first time haha) Once your color is lookin fresh you seal and hydrate your lips with a LipSense gloss! I'm personally a matte lipstick fan so I thought I'd like the "matte gloss" the best but I actually LOVE the "glossy gloss." I'm wearing RazzBerry in this picture and my other fav one is Purple Reign. If you don't like such bold colors, they still have plenty of other options for you!


How to Purchase:

It must be purchased through a distributor. My girl is @alilynnbush on Instagram. You can e-mail her at She is the best! She ships everything so quickly and she's so, so sweet!


Head over to my Insta @gowermolly to enter the giveaway I'm hosting! You could win a LipSense Starter Kit that includes a color of your choice, glossy gloss and remover for application mistakes!



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