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15 Dates Under 15$

When people ask us how long we've been married and we tell them a short 9 months, everyone always says, "make sure you never forget to keep dating each other!" We've personally never had a problem with prioritizing our time together when we have a moment away from school and work, but sometimes $ can be tight for us millennials so I've been working on creating a list of some of our favorite things to do together or with our friends!

Here are 15 Dates Under 15$

Today we went on a cheapo picnic, one of our favorites, so that leads me to idea #1! There are just a few of photos below!

Picnic Basket: World Market | Round Towel Similar: Cotton On

1. Picnic

Bread for sandwiches, chips and a mini-watermelon were less than 10$. We usually get a personal watermelon, cut it in half and eat it with a spoon instead of going through the hassle of chopping up and entire watermelon for 2 people! It's cheap, hydrating, healthy and delicious. I usually pack a few extra slices of bread to feed the ducks.

2. Dollar Movies & Dollar Store Candy

These dates are usually under 10$. "Dollar" Movies are still really 2$ per ticket. We like to choose a movie (even if there's only lame ones playing) and if we are in the mood for a treat we usually go to The Dollar Tree to get some sweets and a drink. We just bring them in my bag. Sneaky... I know, but there's no way we're the only ones who do it. Who doesn't love not spending 5$ on a water bottle and 7$ on some popcorn when you go to the theatre?

3. Campfire & S'mores

Graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, hot dogs and buns are usually around 10$. We also like to go to Walmart and get a 2-Liter of their Sugar Free Cherry-Limeade or Coconut Wave, they're 86¢ and it is deliciousss you guys! It's fun to pack up our camping chairs, a cooler and our roasting sticks and head up the canyon so we can make s'mores and roast hot dogs. It's like allll the fun of camping except we aren't driving for hours and you get to take a real shower and sleep in a cozy bed at the end of the night haha. We usually have campfires with friends but sometimes it's a fun date just for us!

4. Game Night & Dinner

Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity, Dominos Mexican Train, Dominion, Card Games, etc... they're all So fun! We usually get a group of friends together and host game nights at our house. Everyone brings their fav board games over and we usually make or order dinner. If we cook dinner, everyone brings a side, but sometimes it's cheap and easy to order pizzas and all split it. Last time we played games at our friend's house and they made us Spaghetti Squash and a salad because Zach and I were giving Paleo a spin. It was easy, cheap and so good!

5. Nickel Mania

We usually get a 5$ bag of Nickels for each of us, and admission is only 2.25$ so this date is 15$. Nickel Mania is usually total chaos but there's something about getting a little competitive over who can get the most tickets and then just sharing them all at the end of the night to buy some Laffy Taffy anyway haha! This one is sooo fun with friends!

6. Hike

Zach's real outdoorsy which has led us to some pretty cheap, if not free, adventures. He loves hiking, he even climbed Mt. Whitney once! Honestly, I'm pretty lame and enjoy easy hikes like going up to Mary Martha Catherine or Bell's Canyon. Our friend's talked us into hiking Angel's Landing once and I was pretty much a goner when we all got back to the house that night.

7. Driving Range

8$ for a bucket of golf balls OR we LOVE Top Golf if you have one in your area! It's pretty cheap during the day but we usually go at night when its 45$ for a bay, so we go in a group so that we can all split it!

8. Local Festivals & Farmer's Markets

There's usually a lot of festivals and maker's markets in the summer! There's a great Farmer's Market downtown in SLC. I also love things like the Salt and Honey Market, where people bring all of the fun things that they sell at their small businesses and set up booths for everyone to come shop at! They're usually free!

9. Snow Cones & Pokémon Go (DON'T judge me haha!)

We totally are those Pokémon Go geeks. We can spend hours walking around trying to hatch eggs, catching things, taking over gyms... comparing our Pokémon to see whoever has the highest CP catches. It's FREE. We've met a lot of new people and spent a lot of time outside together, It can get so o o o hot out there! We usually stop at Swig or Cup O Sno to get a snowie! Snow cones are one of my fav things in the summer.

10. Cooking Dinner Together

Dinner at home doesn't always have to be so mundane and repetitious! Did I just say that? Oops. This sounds so cheeseball, but sometimes it's nice to make your dinner table at home feel like a restaurant! Cook each other's favorite things or get some of your favorite things to drink! We usually watch a Red Box or play video games together after! Sometimes a night at home is perfect!

The next 5 things are going to be our top 5 favorite cheap places to eat at or get take-out from!

1. Charlie Chow's

The best Chinese Food ever. It's usually under 15$ if we go during Dinner Hours! The food is served family style so we usually share Sesame Chicken. Theirs is so good and it comes with white rice! We also like to order take-out and watch a Red Box if we want to stay home!

2. Even Steven's 

Who doesn't looove a good salad or sandwhich!? The best part about this place is once they sell up to 5,000 sandwiches, they donate enough ingredients to non-profit organizations to make 5,000 more sandwiches for those in need. My favorite one is the Capreezy, it's cheap, light and delicious!

3. Costa Vida

They're usually pretty cheap but a lot of the time I like to order off of the Kid's Menu! They're less than 5$. I like to get an enchilada or a small quesadilla with rice and beans!

4. Settebello

We love eating here. It's a little more expensive than 15$ if you both get a pizza, but it's nice to share one when you're feelin' something light. They have a Gelato Shop next door and I'm a sucker for Hazelnut and Pistachio!

5. Little Saigon 

We are Vietnamese food lovers! We used to LOVE Oh Mai but then Little Saigon opened and their Banh Mi Sandwiches and Pho have become our favorite and it's cheap! Sometimes we go to Gossip Boba after to get Boba Drinks for dessert. My favorite is Coconut Banana White Chocolate!

Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoy some of these as much as I do!


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